The Branches of Higher Education

Higher Education is very much different from secondary education. A student is now expected to have already chosen the course he prefers to take.

In tertiary school, there are many courses that are divided by different colleges. Such colleges include:

  • Engineering
  • Liberal arts
  • Performing arts
  • Visual arts
  • Business
  • Vocational

Engineering is focused on teaching the principles related to professional practice of engineering. First, the basics of being an engineer is taught, then as the student advances, the specializations follow. After graduating an engineering course, there are usually special examinations conducted before the graduate is given a professional engineer’s license.

Liberal Arts focuses on teaching undergraduate students. It develops a person’s intellectual capacities. And this college does very well in preparing a student to master’s degree on business, medicine, and law. The academics included in liberal arts are History, Environmental Science, Different Languages, Mathematics, Psychology, Philosophy, Music, Theater arts, Literature, Theology, Political Science, and Sociology.

Performing arts focuses on letting a person express art within himself through his own body movements. The body movement-related performing arts are theater and dance as well as music.

Visual Arts makes use of different materials to create a work of art. Such materials can be clay, metal material or paint to create a sculpture. Paintings and drawings are also visual works of art that are created in a canvas. Films are also examples of visual arts. The artists in the film are practicing performing arts while the film itself is a visual art.

Business education teaches students the basics of how to earn in a legal and fair trade. This college has one of the most enrollees according to studies. Besides teaching how to earn, business schools also teach how to manage a company or a team of employees which may include dealing with them as professionals and dealing with their work habits. Being able to be taught how to manage properly can lead a business student into bigger companies that can make use of his managing skills.

Vocational teaching happens in a non-university level. This type of teaching involves both theories and practical applications of the lesson. Vocational schools are also known as trade schools. And most courses offered here are those that can be mastered in shorted periods of time because of the involvement of practical applications. Such courses include automotive servicing, proficiency in specific languages, computer literacy and operation, as well as repair and maintenance of different gadgets such as cellphones and laptops.

Professional colleges are included in college, both in undergraduate and graduate schools. However, in undergraduate college, it is only the preparatory subjects that are being taught. When students happen to pass and graduate from them, they get the chance to enter a graduate school with their course proper to be studied. Such courses are Law, Veterinary medicine, other medical courses such as pharmacy, dentistry, etc.

There are exams which are required to be passed before a graduate student is admitted into the graduate course proper. Some schools have a minimum grade requirement as they only want exceptional students to be educated.

The Real Purpose of Higher Education

Higher education is optional, but finishing it can take a person far in his life. Proper instruction has many benefits, but proper higher instruction adds more. These are 5 reasons why higher formal instruction is important:

  • Realizes dreams. Higher educational attainment brings a person closer to reaching his dreams. Whether to be rich, famous, successful and respected, the way to attain these is through be properly educated. In most cases, the degree chosen by the person helps him realize his own dreams.
  • Makes the person independent. Being able to finish tertiary school allows a person to find a job from a wider variety. Secondary schools can already work, but there are only limited jobs for them because most jobs require a person to be a college graduate. Being able to find jobs easier makes a person independent as he can already earn for his own living.
  • Equality of rights and privileges. Proper development of knowledge makes the world a place with equal opportunities. With proper instruction, male and female become equal.
  • Financial stability. With more knowledge comes more money. Proper development of knowledge leads people to end up in high paying jobs. Of course there are some things money can’t buy, but there is no denying that money is an important tool to survive in this world. Being properly educated means being able to have better careers in life.
  • Stability. There are many things required to have a stable life. They are: happiness, respect, family, and security. All of these things can be acquired if a person is properly educated. Being aware of what a person needs in life and knowing how to get it will make him surely happy. Being able to help others will gain him respect. Being able to know how to love gains him a family that will also love him. Finally, being educated lands a person to a high paying job that can secure his and his family’s future without much problems.

Tertiary school doesn’t only offer an opportunity to be rich. It can also be mentally and spiritually rewarding. Although money is a common reason why many people study, it doesn’t mean they will get rich even if they finish tertiary school. However, the mental and spiritual rewards they will get will make them richer as a person. The perfect example is a teacher. He will finish 4 years in college just to go back to school and spend 30 years or so working there.

In many countries, teachers don’t get high salary compared to doctors, lawyers and engineers. However, the dedication to their craft and being able to teach a lot of students is spiritually rewarding. This is especially true if those students become very successful people in the future. Also, even if the person is already a teacher, the learning process remains constant. As he teaches, he also learns from his students and from life itself. He is given the opportunity to go with the flow of changes of the modern world even if he is already old. Education is really a wonder.

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